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* [https://beta.ivc.no/mate_x/Lishui%20FOC%20Controller%20Firmware%20Update%20Software%20568d276e0188c.rar Lishui FOC Controller Firmware Update Software]
* [https://beta.ivc.no/mate_x/Lishui%20FOC%20Controller%20Firmware%20Update%20Software%20568d276e0188c.rar Lishui FOC Controller Firmware Update Software]
* [https://beta.ivc.no/mate_x/Lishui%20STM32%20Parameters%20Setting%20Software%20568d25fe27000.rar Lishui STM32 Parameters Setting Software]
* [https://beta.ivc.no/mate_x/Lishui%20STM32%20Parameters%20Setting%20Software%20568d25fe27000.rar Lishui STM32 Parameters Setting Software] - STM32 version, for programming-header on the controller PCB
* [ttps://beta.ivc.no/mate_x/Lishui%20USB-to-Serial%20Parameters%20Setting%20Software%20SWJ32.zip Lishui USB-to-Serial Parameters Setting Software] - USB-to-Serial version, via the green HIGO-connector cable
* [https://beta.ivc.no/mate_x/Lishui%20USB%20Stick%20Hardware%20Driver%20(Automatic)%20576b4e68a54af.rar Lishui USB Stick Hardware Driver (Automatic)]
* [https://beta.ivc.no/mate_x/Lishui%20USB%20Stick%20Hardware%20Driver%20(Automatic)%20576b4e68a54af.rar Lishui USB Stick Hardware Driver (Automatic)]
* [https://beta.ivc.no/mate_x/Lishui%20USB%20Stick%20Hardware%20Driver%20(Manual)%2056da6cea783ba.rar Lishui USB Stick Hardware Driver (Manual)]
* [https://beta.ivc.no/mate_x/Lishui%20USB%20Stick%20Hardware%20Driver%20(Manual)%2056da6cea783ba.rar Lishui USB Stick Hardware Driver (Manual)]
* [https://beta.ivc.no/mate_x/Lisui%20Controller%20Sample%20Application%20Form%20V1.1%20568d2e03d266d.rar Lisui Controller Sample Application Form V1.1]
* [https://beta.ivc.no/mate_x/Lishui%20Controller%20Sample%20Application%20Form%20V1.1%20568d2e03d266d.rar Lisui Controller Sample Application Form V1.1]
* [https://beta.ivc.no/mate_x/ST-LINK%20v4.5.0%20en.stsw-link004.zip ST32 ST-LINK Utility and Driver v4.5.0]
* [https://beta.ivc.no/mate_x/ST-LINK%20v4.5.0%20en.stsw-link004.zip ST32 ST-LINK Utility and Driver v4.5.0]

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Mate x folding ebike overview.jpg
Mate x box.jpg

The MATE X is a folding electric bicycle. It was made possible in June 2017 by Christian Adel Michael and Julie Kronstrøm from Copenhagen, Denmark. This was the second Indiegogo campaign they successfully funded. The first campaign was the original MATE folding ebike.

  • Campaign started: 1st May 2018
  • Campaign published: 16th July 2018
  • Campaign concluded: 23rd July 2018 15th August 2018 14th September 2018 22nd September 2018 28nd September 2018 26th April 2019
  • First big shipment: May/June 2019, majority July/August 2019, last shipment September 2019


There are three different models of the MATE X, the 250, 250+ and 750. A set of accessories can also be added to the bike when placing an order.

There are two set of different bikes, due to the new APAC enforcement meaning that the bikes heading for EU (and all later orders) had to be manufactured outside of China. That meant that the majority of the bike components had to be made or sourced in Taiwan instead, making it a different bike than what was promised initial on Indiegogo and after the first batch of orders (all orders delivered after June 2019). The Chinese manufactured bikes made up until then were shipped to non-APAC countries.

MATE X 250

MATE X 250 (45001): 250W, 48V 11Ah

  • 250W high performance hub motor
  • 48V 11Ah Lithium-ion battery
  • 55km range
  • 32km/h max. speed
  • 8-speed gear
  • 20-inch fat tires
  • Computer dashboard
  • Front and rear suspension
  • 2 year warranty
  • Retail price 2199USD
  • Indiegogo price 799USD
  • Shipping 200USD

MATE X 250+

MATE X 250+ (45002): 250W, 48V 14.5Ah
MATE X 250+ (45003) w/Boosted upgrade: 250W, 48V 17.5Ah

  • 250W high performance hub motor
  • 48V 14Ah Lithium-ion battery
  • 80km range
  • 32km/h max. speed
  • 8-speed gear
  • 20-inch fat tires
  • Computer dashboard
  • Front and rear suspension
  • 2 year warranty
  • Retail price 2399USD
  • Indiegogo price 899USD
  • Shipping 200USD


MATE X 750S (55001): 750W, 48V 14.5Ah
MATE X 750S (55002) w/Boosted upgrade: 750W, 48V 17.5Ah

  • 750W high performance hub motor
  • 48V 14Ah Lithium-ion battery
  • 80km range
  • 48km/h max. speed
  • 8-speed gear
  • 20-inch fat tires
  • Computer dashboard
  • Thumb throttle
  • Front and rear suspension
  • 2 year warranty
  • Retail price 2699USD
  • Indiegogo price 999USD
  • Shipping 200USD

Perks and accessories

  • Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes (129USD)
  • Flashy color display (99USD)
  • Custom MATE metal fenders (49USD)
  • Thumb throttle (49USD)
  • BOOSTED battery 17,5Ah (99USD)
  • Limited Edition UNICORN Finish (49USD)
  • Rear-rack with brake-lights (99USD)
  • EXTRA high-speed charger (79USD)
  • EXTRA BOOSTED 17,5Ah Battery (429USD)
  • Spare set of tires incl. tubes (49USD)
  • JOKER Light Set (front+rear) (49USD)
  • JET GREY Color (29USD)
  • IMPERIAL WOODLAND Color pattern (99USD)

Recommended accessories to get:

  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Flashy color display
  • Rear rack
  • Front and rear fenders - at the moment, these are flimsy
  • Extra tires and tubes


  • Folding points: 4 steps (main body, steering stem, seatpost, pedals)
  • Pedal assist: 9 levels
  • Max. speed:
    • 250: 25 km/h / 15 mph
    • 750S: 32 km/h / 20 mph
  • Battery range - w/pedal-assist, dependent upon terrain, weather conditions and rider’s weight
    • 11Ah battery: 55km, max. - realistic mixed range 25km
    • 14.5Ah battery: 80km, max. - realistic mixed range 65km
    • 17.5Ah battery: 120km, max. - realistic mixed range 80km
  • Battery power output:
    • 250, 48V 15A: Nominal power 250W, peak power 819W
    • 750, 48V 25A: Nominal power 750W, peak power 1365W
  • Consumption:
    • Mixed pedal/throttle: approx. 10Wh/km
    • Throttle only: approx. 20Wh/km
  • Throttle only range:
    • 14Ah battery: 20-30km
    • 17.5Ah battery: 30-40km
  • Thumb throttle:
    • 250: Not included
    • 750S: Yes
  • Advanced controller configuration:
    • Color display: Ludacris Mode 10 and 35mph / 56kmh real max. speed - see below
    • Black/white display: Ludacris Mode 24mph / 39kmh max. configuration speed
  • Keep folded lock: No
  • Wheel lock: No
  • Kick-stand: Yes
  • Folded-stand: Yes
  • Carrying handle: Yes, by seat-post
  • Pedal assist: Yes
  • Walk assist: Yes (color display upgrade required))
  • Hands-free riding: No
  • Battery removal: Yes
  • Battery lock: Yes
  • Extra options: fenders, rear rack with light, front light, color display, thumb throttle

Hardware specs

Mate x folding ebike folded.jpg

This is a list of reversed model- and part-numbers, for future reference and compatibility use.

General specs

  • Type: Electric folding fat bike
  • Frame: MATE-customized 6061 aluminum alloy frame - assembled by Junhao (China) [1]
  • Front hub: 135 mm, 20-inch 36-hole, 9mm hub-axel, nut and washer fastened
  • Rear hub: 185 mm, 20-inch 36-hole, electric motor, motor lead exit right (Bafang) / left JB, nut and washer fastened
  • Suspension rear:
    • HLT HLT-620 rear-spring shock suppressor - old type
    • JVAV rear-spring shock suppressor, length hole-to-hole 125mm, travel 18-30mm, spring rate 750LBS, aluminium 6061 T6, 24x8mm bushing, adjustable - pre-adjusted with 24 +/- 2mm travel [2]
  • Suspension front: MOZO FATMAN-26-20 front fork, drop-out 135mm, Ø9mm hub-axel, stanchions Ø32mm, stem Ø28.6mm, travel 80~120mm, disc brake, responsive adjustable spring tension, mechanical lock-out, transportation fork-axel [3]
  • Shifter: Shimano SL-RS45-8R Tourney 8-speed RevoShift SIS right twist shifter
  • Rear derailleur:
    • Shimano RD-M310 Altus SGS 7/8-speed rear derailleur black
      • Shimano Altus RD-M310 Y5W898030 pulley set
    • Shimano RD-M360 Acera SGS-L 7/8-speed rear derailleur black
      • Shimano RD-M360 Acera Y5VP98050 pulley set
  • Cogsets: 8-speed 13-32T freewheel silver (not cassette type)
  • Crankset: 170mm alloy crank arms
  • Chain ring: Single 53T 130mm BCD 5-point chain ring with guard
  • Chain: KMC Z51RB RustBuster IG-compatible 6/7/8-speed chain
  • Bottom bracket: BB988 68 mm x 164 mm, threaded
  • Rims: 80mm wide rims, 36-hole front and rear, with reflectors
  • Tires:
    • Chaoyang Big Daddy 20x4.0-inch wide fat bike wire bead studded all-terrain tires [4] - lots of asphalt/tarmac road noise
    • Chaoyang Sand Storm 20x4.0-inch wide fat bike wire bead street road tires [5]
  • Tire pressure: 20-23 psi / 1.4-1.6 bar - higher under more load, check often
  • Spokes: 36 spokes front/rear, 12-gauge Ø1.6mm rear, 13-gauge Ø1.4mm front, black
  • Pedals: Wellgo F265 folding aluminium bicycle pedals black with reflectors
  • Brake system:
    • Tektro EL350-RS mechanical wire brakes, aluminium lever and caliper, with motor cut-off brake sensors
    • Tektro HD-E350 hydraulic brakes, aluminium lever and caliper, with motor cut-off brake sensors
  • Brake discs: Tektro TR160-24 aluminium 160 mm disc rotors
  • Brake pads: Tektro A10.11 metal ceramic compound brake pads
  • Fenders: Custom made all covering (upgrade option)
  • Rear rack tube diameter: Ø16 mm
  • Handlebar-stem clamp diameter: Ø22.2mm
  • Handlebar controls diameter: Ø31.8mm (MTB standard)
  • Handlebar grips: Marspro 2058-44 ergonomic handlebar grips
  • Seat saddle: Chaunts FU-5700-1F touring and cruising saddle, PU+Gel, 260x165mm, 440g
  • Seat-post diameter: Ø33.9mm
  • Seat-post length 450mm
  • Kick-stand: Single leg with rubber ends, two mounting points
  • Cable management:
    • Zipper sleeve braided cable wrap - handlebar
    • Plastic cable wrap - underneath frame
  • Colors: Black/Subdued Black Matte, White Ice, Red/Burnt Orange, Green/Dusty Army, Yellow/Desert Storm Matte, Grey/Jet Grey, Pink-green/Unicorn, Camouflage/Imperial Woodland pattern
  • Bike dimensions: L180cm/71in x W65cm/25.6in x H124cm/48.8in
  • Bike dimensions when folded: L103cm/40.5in x W59cm/23.2in x H78cm/30.7in
    • Old Folded size: approx. L95 x W40 x H73cm
  • Bike box dimensions: L147 x W37 x H71cm
  • Weight w/o battery: 26kg / 57.3 lbs
  • Weight w/ battery: 29kg / 63.9 lbs
  • Rider height range: 150-215 cm
  • Rider max. weight: 150 kg / 330lbs
  • Rider minimum age: 16 years old
  • Retail price:
    • 250: 2199USD
    • 250+: 2399USD
    • 750S: 2699USD
  • Campaign price July 2018 to November 2018:
    • 250: 799USD
    • 250+: 899USD
    • 750S: 999USD

Electric drive train

Bafang, JiaBo, Shengyi motors
  • Motor:
    • China bikes:
      • Bafang RM G060.750.DC 48V 750W brushless geared rear-drive hub motor
        • 36V to 48V supported
        • Hall-effect sensor built-in
        • Gear reduction ratio 1:5
        • Nominal 50-60 Nm torque (from Mate)
        • Maximum torque of 80 Nm
        • 20 magnet poles
        • Fork width 175mm
        • Cable exit on right hand-side
        • 36 spoke holes 12-guage
        • Efficiency >80%
        • IP65 waterproof
        • Noise <55dBA
        • Weight 4.6kg
      • Shengyi DGW25 SY25N4820TA 48V 250W brushless geared rear-drive hub motor [6] [7]
        • Hall-effect sensor built-in
        • Gear reduction ratio 1:5
        • Three pinion-wheels
        • 16 magnet poles
        • Fork width 175mm
        • Cable exit on left hand-side
        • 36 spoke holes for 13-guage
        • IP54 waterproof
        • Efficiency >80%
        • Noise <55dBA
      • Shengyi DGW25 SY254820SJ 48V 500W brushless geared rear-drive hub motor [8] [9]
        • Sometimes used in-place of the 250W DGW25 / SY25N motor
    • Taiwan bikes:
      • JiaBo CZJB JB-104C2 24V-60V 750W brushless geared rear-drive hub motor
        • Wheel size 16-28-inch
        • Gear reduction ratio 1:5
        • Three pinion-wheels
        • Cable exit on right hand-side
        • 36 spoke holes for 10 to 13-guage
        • Efficiency >82%
        • IP65 waterproof
        • Noise <55dBA
        • Weight 3.3kg
      • JiaBo CZJB 48 250 250W brushless geared rear-drive hub motor
        • Specs unknown
  • Controller:
  • Computer display:
    • Left Bafang color display, right Ukriver color display
      Key-disp black/white display
      China bikes:
      • Key-Disp KD51C-D monochrome black/white display
        • 24V/36V/48V battery supply support
        • Rated operating current: 30mA
        • Max output current to controller: 50mA
        • Operating temperature: -20 to 60°C
        • Dimensions: L85 x W80mm
      • Bafang DPC-14 / 850C 3.2-inch MATE-customized TFT LCD color display, left in photo (upgrade option)
        • Developed by Aptdevelop - Open Source ebike firmware
        • 3.2-inch IPS TFT LCD screen
        • 24V/36V/48V battery supply support
        • Rated operating current: 40mA
        • Max output current to controller: 100mA
        • Operating temperature: -20 to 70°C
        • Software upgradable through UART-port (regular USB-to-serial adapter required)
        • 5-pin green HIGO-connector
        • Default advanced pin code: 1919
        • Dimensions: L92mm x W60 x H14mm
      • Ukriver UKC1 / UK-CT-18 / UKCT-18 3.5-inch MATE-customized TFT LCD color display, right in photo (upgrade option)
        • 3.5-inch IPS TFT LCD screen
        • 24V/36V/48V battery supply support
        • Rated operating current: 40mA
        • Max output current to controller: 100mA
        • Supported protocols: Bafang controller, 5S, J, APT, Omid number 2, Tongsheng controller, Wan Jia controller
        • Operating temperature: -20 to 70°C
        • Software upgradable through UART-port (regular USB-to-serial adapter required)
        • 5-pin green HIGO-connector
        • Default advanced pin code: 1801
        • Dimensions: L110 x W65mm
        • Firmware: v1.0 (2019-08-23)
        • Hardware: v1.0 (2019-08-23)
    • Taiwan bikes:
      • Most suitable one, Bafang or Ukriver (MATE statement)
  • USB-port: Yes, 5V 500mA USB-A output
  • System connectors: HIGO Mini-b connector
  • Internal battery connector: XT60 (TW?) 60A rated or T-connector (CN?) 50A rated
  • Throttle: Wuxing 108X-R right-hand thumb throttle, hall-effect magnet sensor, 3-pin yellow HIGO-connector
  • Pedal sensor: Key-Disp KD-2PS-L left-side pedal sensor, 12 magnets, spindle Ø44mm, shaft Ø15.2mm, 3-pin orange HIGO-connector
  • Brake sensor: Built-in to Tektro brake lever, reed and magnet setup, 2-pin red HIGO-connector
  • Headlight: Blaze-Lite HL3001 twin headlight, horn integrated, 3-pin yellow HIGO-connector, seems custom for MATE
  • Taillight: Custom MATE-taillight, separate riding-light, turning-lights and braking-lights, 5-pin green HIGO-connector
  • Turn signal/horn: Unknown brand turn signal and horn handlebar button, 5-pin green HIGO-connector


End charge-state and battery cycles
  • Battery charger:
    • 48V 2A regular charger
    • Coming Data CP05460400 54.6V 4A super charger (upgrade option)
    • Sans SSLC300V55 MATE-branded 54.6V 5A Lithium-ion battery charger [10]
  • Battery charging connector: RCA-type, centre-positive (+)
  • Battery capacity:
    • 48V 11Ah - 529,1Wh (0.53kWh)
    • 48V 14.5Ah - 697,45Wh (0.70kWh)
    • 48V 17.5Ah - 841,75Wh (0.84kWh) (upgrade option)
  • Battery enclosure: Aluminum casing, with charging fuse, RCA-charging socket, and three-way key-lock (battery-lock/power-on, battery-lock/power-off, battery-unlock/power-off)
  • Battery brand: Samsung/Sanyo/Panasonic/LG-cells, MATE Tesla-battery Sanyo/Panasonic NCR 18650-cells, Panasonic-cells for Taiwan bikes
  • Battery configuration:
    • 65x Lithium-ion 18650 cells, of varying capacity, 13 in series to get the 48V voltage, 5 parallel to build capacity
    • 11Ah battery: 48.1V 11Ah 13s5p (3.7V 2200mAh cells, 2.2x5=11Ah)
    • 14.5Ah battery: 48.1V 14.5Ah 13s5p (3.7V 2900mAh cells, 2.9x5=14.5Ah) - Samsung INR18650-29E [11]
    • 17.5Ah battery (upgrade option): 48.1V 17.5Ah 13s5p (3.7V 3500mAh cells, 3.5x5=17.5Ah) - LG INR18650MJ1 [12]
  • Battery lifespan: between 400 and 600 charges (full to empty)
    • Longer lifespan if the battery is charged when around ~40% / 46,6V empty and only up to ~80% / 52,65V full
  • Battery dimensions: L345 x W115 x H58mm [13]
  • Battery weight: 3.85kg - 17.5Ah battery


Must-have and nice-to-have upgrades:

  • Rear shock:
    • DNM AOY-36RC Air Rear Shock, 165x35mm length hole-to-hole / travel, 24x8mm eyelet diameter, adjust to 50 psi on lower and 110 psi on upper chamber - when rider is over 90 kg, and for better off-road performance - Get on Aliexpress Get on Ebay Get on Amazon
    • CaneCreek DB Air IL BAD2060, 165x38mm length hole-to-hole / travel, 24x8mm bushing [14] [15] - Get on Ebay
  • Front shock:
  • Chain ring: LitePro 58T BCD 130mm black aluminium front chain ring with guard flange - for lower cadence/peddle comfortably on high speed on assistant level 5 and over, no need to change/extend chain Get on Ebay Get on Amazon
  • Cogsets: DNP Epoch 11-34T or 11-32T 8-Speed freewheel - wider gear-ratio for high speed peddle on assistant level 5 and over, while still retaining good low speed cadence - Get on Aliexpress Get on Ebay Get on Amazon
  • Bike lock - around the steat-post or on a bag rack
  • Inner tube: 20x4-inch fat tire tube with Schrader/car valve - Get on Amazon

Great upgrades:

  • Sticker: Bafang 48V 250W sticker stickermatex@gmail.com - for 750W models, for quick checks, be responsible/common sense - Get on Ebay
  • Helmet:
  • Pedals: Mzyrh Mountain Bike CNC Machined 9/16" pedals - Get on Amazon
  • Panniers:
  • Chain guide: Mountain Bike Chainline Director Chain Guide - Get on Ebay
  • Bell: Bicycle Bell Classical Vintage Handlebar Black Ring Bell - Get on Aliexpress
  • Charger:
    • D-Power 48V 2A charger, quiet no fan, with RCA-plug (special request) - Get on Aliexpress
    • Luna 48V Advanced Adjustable Charger [20]
    • Sans 48V 2A Lithium-ion battery charger, fan-less Get on Ebay
  • Battery: Make your own battery from barebone case only, just find the correct L345 x W115 x H58mm case Get on Aliexpress
  • Stand: Bicycle Maintenance Stand Pedal Foldable Workstands Bike Repair Tool PH [21]
  • Computer: EggRider V2 Bluetooth display [22]
  • Tire:
    • Vee Tire Co Speedster Fat Tire 20x4-inch folding bead [23] - Get on Amazon
    • Kenda Krusade Tire 20 x 4-inch, clincher, bead wire, black - Get on Amazon
    • Kenda K-1188 Snow Tire 20 x 4-inch Get on Aliexpress
    • Kenda Kraze 20 x 4 inch semi-slick fat bike tire
    • Innova Tires 20X3.0-inch [24]
  • Saddle:
    • MSDADA Comfortable Bike Seat-Padded cushion memory foam seat - more comfortable than the original - Get on Amazon
    • Selle Royal Bicycle Saddle Comfort Breathable SR saddle - Get on Ebay
    • Velo Plush Pace Saddle [25] - Get on Amazon
  • Derailleur: Shimano Deore M591 7/8/9-Speed rear derailleur black - Get on Aliexpress
  • Throttle: Wuxing 130X thumb throttle, radial type, 3-pin yellow HIGO-connector - same as MATE Classic - Get on Ebay

Controller configuration

Matex color display china.png
Matex ukriver ukc1 settings.jpg
Matex key-disp kd51c-d settings.png

Enter the settings by double-tapping the "M"-button on Ukriver display or "Power"-button on the Bafang display, or hold both "+" and "-"-buttons for two seconds for the black/white Key-Disp display.

All of these settings are available on the Bafang color display but only a limited set is available on the Ukriver color display and Key-Disp black/white display.

Optimal controller settings:

Display settings:

  • Language: English
  • System: Imperial - for km/h
  • Brightness: 5
  • Auto off: 5 minutes - power down the bike after idle period
  • Scenes: Digital - the theme of the display layout
  • Battery indicator: Voltage - easier to determine battery state, Bafang displays percentage only in 20%/five steps
    • Ranges from 54.6V when full, down to 41.6V when empty, but always charge at around, or before, 44V
  • Power indicator: Digital - shows instantaneous wattage
  • Clock: Set the date and time
  • Start password: Prompted for your password when you power on the bike

Basic settings:

  • System voltage: 48V - the type of battery drive system used
  • Wheel size: 24-inch - even though the real wheel size is 20-inch, gives a more accurate speed indication on the display, can also be input in measured cm
  • USB port: On - USB-port beneath the display
  • Information: shows max./avg. speeds and ODO meter

Advanced settings:

Go to the "Advanced settings" menu-option and enter the following pin code.

  • Enter pin code:
    • Ukriver display: 1801
    • Bafang display: 1919
  • Speed limit - max. speed before controller/motor stops assisting
    • 250: 25 km/h default/EU
    • 750S: 32 km/h default
    • Max. value: 99 km/h (Bafang) 52 km/h (Ukriver) 39 km/h (Key-Disp)
      • Unlocks Ludacris mode for ~35mph / ~56kmh max. real speed - does not void warranty anymore
      • Unlocks hidden assistant level 10 - turbo mode
  • Current limit - maximum current through controller during acceleration and climbing steep gradients
    • Default: 18A (48x18=864Watt)
    • Boost performance: 20A (48x20=960Watt)
    • Max. controller current: 25A (48x25=1200Watt) - short bursts only, could overheat motor coil - Bafang 50A max. value, Ukriver 30A max. value
  • Poles in motor: 1 - magnetic poles inside the motor, used to calculate the speed indicator
  • Start poles: 1 - number of poles (speed sensor) needed to be detected by controller before starting the motor
  • Clockwise start: Yes - speed sensor turn direction, "Yes" means forward looking from right-side of bike
  • Throttle 6km: No - "Yes" turns walk-mode ON while twisting throttle
  • Throttle level: No - "Yes" limits the top throttle speed to match the assist level
  • Start mode: ECO - Power/ECO/Standard, sets the maximum current curve when starting riding/accelerating, limited current with ECO
  • Assist levels: 9 - 3/5/9, how gradual/number of steps the levels should be
  • Assist setting: Further adjust each assist level, all default to 0

Configuration presets

A few presets depending on your preferences. Note that there is no way to turn off the motor cut-off after you stop pedaling, use the brake levers instead to cut the motor.


The default riding configuration is meant to conform to the EU and regional speed regulations.

  • Speed limit:
    • 250: 25km/h
    • 750S: 32km/h
  • Current limit:
    • 250: 10A (546W peak) / 15A (819W peak)
    • 750S: 18A (983W peak)
  • Assist levels: 9
    • Level while riding: 3 to 5

Smooth and quick

For gradual acceleration and great top speed. Suitable for stop-and-go city riding and road riding/commuting. Unsuitable for hilly rides, as the top speed will be low because of the current limit. Using stock 53T front chainring.

  • Speed limit
    • 250: 35km/h
    • 750S: 35km/h
  • Current limit:
    • 250: 12A (655W peak)
    • 750S: 12A (655W peak)
  • Assist levels: 10 - "Ludacris" turbo-mode enabled, but not needed
    • Level while riding: 2 (10 km/h) to 7 (35 km/h)

Smooth and rapid (new chainring)

Same gradual acceleration but higher speeds when using the 58T chainring upgrade part for improved pedaling.

  • Speed limit - black/white display bound to 39km/h
    • 250: 45km/h
    • 750S: 45km/h
  • Current limit:
    • 250: 12A (655W peak)
    • 750S: 12A (655W peak)
  • Assist levels: 10 - "Ludacris" turbo-mode enabled, but not needed
    • Level while riding: 2 (10 km/h) to 8 (45 km/h)

Hill climber and quick

For great hill climbing ability and fast flats without too jumpy acceleration.

  • Speed limit
    • 250: 35km/h
    • 750S: 35km/h
  • Current limit:
    • 250: 16A (874W peak)
    • 750S: 16A (874W peak)
  • Assist levels: 10 - "Ludacris" turbo-mode enabled, but not needed
    • Level while riding: 2 (10 km/h) to 7 (35 km/h)

Responsive and fast

For max. acceleration and highest speed. On circuits or racing stretches. This introduced jumpy acceleration. Short periods only, overheating will become an issue.

  • Speed limit - black/white display bound to 39km/h
    • 250: 52km/h
    • 750S: 52km/h
  • Current limit:
    • 250: 18A (983W peak) - motor max.
    • 750S: 25A (1365W peak) - controller and motor max.
  • Assist levels: 10 - "Ludacris" turbo-mode enabled
    • Level while riding: 10 (46-52 km/h)


  • For daily use, assist level 5 or 6 is a good combination of speed and battery capacity conservation
  • View current, average and max. speed, press "M"/"i"-button multiple times
  • View ODO, trip time and trip distance, press "Power"-button multiple times
  • Enter configuration menu, double tap "M"/"i"-button
  • Walk assistant up hills, set assist level 0 and hold "-" for "P" to appear on the display and it will begin to roll, release to stop
  • Charge via the USB-port at 5V 0.5A (2.5W), press and hold the "M"/"i"-button for a USB-icon to appear, stays on until power-off
  • Turn on the lights, press and hold "+"-button, same to turn off
  • Reset average speed, max speed, trip distance and trip time, press "+" and "-" at the same time
  • On steep hill climbs or starts, it is curial to assist the motor as subjecting the motor to unnecessary load can cause the controller to blow/overheat
  • Ranges from 54.6V when full, down to 41.6V when empty, but always charge at around, or before, 44V
  • For the smoothest ride, set current to 12A and max. speed to 52km/h
  • Re-pressurize the tires every few weeks, as fat bike tubes naturally deflates faster


Initial setup

  1. Insert the seat stem and adjust the lock bracket
  2. Mount the handlebar and lock it in place
  3. Install the front wheel and insert the lever
  4. Screw in place the pedals
  5. Put the reflectors on the wheels
  6. Install the fenders and rear rack (if acquired)
  7. Attach the front lights and remove the left handle bar grip to install the horn/turning-inducator (if acquired)
  8. Adjust to get a flat saddle
  9. Adjust the handle bar height and level with the lever
  10. Inflate the tires to 20-25 psi, 1.4 to 1.6 bar - check often
  11. Charge the battery by plugging the wall socket first, then charger plug
  12. Press and hold power button and configure the bike computer, double tap "M"-button

Charging procedure

  1. Park bike securely
  2. Turn off bike by holding power button on left handle
  3. Either take out the battery, or leave it in the bike
  4. Plug in charger into wall socket/mains
  5. Insert the other charger lead into the battery
  6. Wait for the charge to complete, max. 4h for 4A charger, max. 8h for 2A charger
  7. Unplug lead from bike then from wall socket
  8. Power on bike by holding the power button
  9. Verify battery state of charge by looking at the battery indicator on the display

Connect front and rear lights, horn

  1. Open the harness under the frame where the MATE-logo is placed
  2. Find the yellow 3-pin connector for the integrated front-light/horn
  3. Open the controller compartment to find the black 6-pin connector for the rear-light/turning-light/horn-switch
  4. The 6-pin black cable connects to the supplied Y-split cable where the rear-light/turning-light is connected to one end, and the horn-switch to the other
  5. Mount the front light, rear light, and handlebar switch accordingly, route the new cables inside the cable wrap on the bike

Tighten and secure bike

  1. Tighten the two kick-stand screws
  2. Fasten the steering folding-stem screw to the headset just enough so it is hard to fold the handle in place
  3. Inside the folding-stem, tighten the 12mm top-screw
  4. Secure the handlebar height clamp-screw so it is hard to unfold the handle by accident
  5. Go over all the screws on the handlebar for the brake-levers, display and hand-grips
  6. Adjust the seat-post clamp-screw for a tight secure fit
  7. Adjust the main frame-lock handle screw located on the bottom hinge when the lock is open, adjust from bottom side for a secure lock
  8. Tighten the screws holding the brake calibers to the frame

Remove tire from rim

  1. Gear down to the 8th-gear
  2. Unplug the rear wheel-cable
  3. Unscrew the kick-stand
  4. Remove silver bolts and washer holding the axel
  5. Bend back the rear derailleur
  6. Then lift the wheel out
  7. Deflate tire and use a plastic spudger to lift the tire bead off
  8. Push in the valve and carefully remove inner tube
  9. Lift the tire off the rim

Brake sensor sensitivity

  1. If the brake handle keeps cutting off the motor, decrease the sensor sensitivity - essentially moving the reed-sensor further away from the built-in magnet (also related to brake error 25)
  2. On the under-side of the brake handle, loosen the small 2mm hex bolt slightly
  3. Adjust the 7mm nut with a wrench, do a half-turn at a time and try the bike
    1. Turn it counter-clockwise/out to decrease the sensitivity
    2. Turn it clockwise to increase the sensitivity
  4. Tighten the 2mm hex bolt again

Modifying front suspension fork

  1. A normal fat bike 20- or 26-inch front suspension will fit, only the normal procedure of shortening of the stem is required
  2. Full instructions available on the following PDF
  3. Modifying front suspension fork to fit MATE X

Fixing throttle cut-off

  1. When the throttle keeps cutting-off after 5-10% push, adjust the position of the entire throttle unit
  2. Unscrew the small hex screw on the underside
  3. Rotate the throttle towards you to get space from the interference source (possibly brake sensor)
  4. Re-tighten the handlebar screw

Mounting wheel reflectors

  1. The reflectors are mounted inside the spokes using the plastic parts and supplied screws
  2. Gather the right partsMate x reflectors1.jpg
  3. Mount them as shown using a screwdriverMate x reflectors2.jpg

Reduce chain rattling

  1. Add a 10-15mm adhesive foam strip (for windows/doors) to the frame where the chain hits the top surface
  2. Remove the protective sideMate x chainfoam1.jpg
  3. Apply to the frameMate x chainfoam2.jpg


Adjusting mechanical brakes

Adjusting hydraulic brakes

Changing fat bike tire and tube

Installing rear and front lights/horn

Enabling Ludacris mode - Taiwan bikes

Maximize range and battery life

Third-party upgrade ideas

  • LED-light strips underneath frame
  • Strong head-beams
  • GPS tracker hidden
  • Folding magnet lock
  • Rack wth storage bag/box
  • Custom front and rear lights - light comparison
  • Extra frame battery or rack battery
    • Add parallel XT60 Y-split cable to join two batteries


Mate x lishui foc controller firmware update.png Mate x lishui stm32 parameters setting software general.png Mate x lishui stm32 parameters setting software motor.png

Parts pictures

Controller - Lishui LSW1545-5-2M

Mate x lishui lsw1545-5-2m 25a controller1.jpg Mate x lishui lsw1545-5-2m 25a controller2.jpg Mate x lishui lsw1545-5-2m 25a controller3.jpg Mate x lishui lsw856-66-1m 25a controller1.jpg

Charger - Sans SSLC300V55

Mate x sans sslc300v55 controller1.jpg Mate x sans sslc300v55 controller2.jpg

Battery - 17.5Ah

Mate x battery 175ah1.jpg Mate x battery 175ah2.jpg


Mate x perk hydraulic brakes.png

Mate x perk flashy color display.png

Mate x perk metal fenders.png

Mate x perk thumb throttle.png

Mate x perk unicorn finish.png

Mate x perk rear rack lights.png

Mate x perk high-speed charger.png

Mate x perk boosted battery.png

Mate x perk spare tires.png

Mate x perk joker light.png

Mate x perk jet grey color.png

Mate x perk imperial woodland finish.png

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