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Tbs discovery pro air.jpg
The Discovery Pro is made by Team BlackSheep and spesially made for aerial photography and videography. It is based on the TBS Discovery with additional electronics for the on-board brushless gimbal controller and video switcher.


  • Released:
    Tbs discovery pro kit.jpg
    • DJI Flame Wheel: November 2011
    • TBS Discovery Pro: July 2013
  • Type: Asymmetric spider quadrotor
  • Airframe: Reinforced fiberglass
  • Absolute size: *notyet*
  • Frame only size: *notyet*
  • All up weight: 1500-2000 grams
    • Frame with arms: 414 grams
    • Frame only: *notyet* grams
  • Takeoff weight: 800-1200 grams
  • Current sensor: on-board 50A
  • Battery: 4S 3300-4500mAh 30C+ single LiPo pack recommended
    • Battery weight: 320-460 grams recommended
    • Battery cage: *notyet* mm - extreme dimensions, aim for 4-8 mm less for good fit
      • Usable battery space: *notyet*
      • Note: at L142 mm, limited by the rear arms on the top plate to either W36 or H31 mm
  • Suitable motors: 22x12 mm (Ø28x26-28mm) or 22x16 mm (Ø28x30-34mm) recommended, 900KV, 150-250W, 50-75grams
    • Motor mount arms: 16x19 mm pattern
  • Propellers: 9x5-inch (more locked-in, less airtime) or 10x5-inch (more airtime, less locked-in)
  • ESC: 4x 18-30A 400Hz switched speed controller
  • Forward speed: ~60 km/h / ~40 miles/h
  • Flight time: 10-12 minutes
  • Center of Gravity: 15 mm forward of the bottom Center of Thrust mark
  • Behaviors like: T-Rex 450 without 3D capability [1]
  • Recommended flying area: minimum 25x25 meters
  • Screws: Frame arms 24x M2.5x5mm, frame spacers 8x M3x6mm, motors 16x M3x8mm
  • Clone arms: HJ450, RM450, Q450, FY450 [2]
  • Product pages:
    • DJI Hobby - Flame Wheel kits and NAZA flight controller
    • Team BlackSheep - TBS Discovery Pro - Gimbal camera and FPV frame
  • Similar models:


I put most of my time on this project creating the official manual for the PRO.

Board revisions

  • v1.0 May 2013 - pre-production model, used for internal testing
  • v1.1 July 2013 - launch production model, shipped August 2013
  • v1.2 November 2013 - added test points for dianostics



  • TBS 4S 4500mAh Lipo pack - great quality, Kypom brand
  • Kypom 4S 5100mAh Lipo pack - great quality, good capacity, 15min flights [3]
  • Zippy Compact 4S 5800mAh 25C Lipo pack - great capacity, just fits might need to cut edge of frame arm
  • Zippy Compact 4S 5000mAh 25C Lipo pack - fits nicely, 14-15min flights [4]


  • TBS Discovery case
  • Pelican 1550 case [5] - fits frame without propellers
  • DJI Landing Gear [6]

Tips and tricks

Take a look at TBS Discovery page, it has a lot in common with the PRO.


DISCOVERY PRO announcement:

Video switching example:

Quick assembly and installation video: