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This shows how I downgrade a 3.3K Korean Wii to 4.0E European system software. This guide is based on kavid's guide over at tehskeen.com forums but with modifications to make it work on my machine.


  1. Configure a Wireless Accesspoint ont the Wii to allow it to connect to the internet
  2. Start Zelda Twilight Princes NTSC-J Japanese version to create a save game
  3. Put the twilight-hack-v0.1-beta1.zip content on a SD-card and insert into Wii, copy the JPN savegame from SD to Wii
  4. Download ChannelFileManager2.0BETA4.zip and put the boot.dol on the root of the SD-card and put the IOS-CIOS.rar content on the /wad/ directory
  5. Boot Zelda and select the Twilight savegame and go backwards until the exploit is initialized and Channel File Manager is executed
  6. Install all the *.wad files and reboot. If some fail, try to install the *.wads on reverse order
  7. Download hackmii_installer_beta2.zip and replace boot.dol on the root of the SD-card
  8. Boot Zelda again as before and wait for the HackMii Installer to execute, install the Homebrew Channel and DVDX, select Exit to load Homebrew Channel
  9. Download AnyRegion_Changer1.1b_fix_by_yeahren.rar and AnyRegionChanger1.1_local.rar, and extract the content to the SD-card, create a new folder for the latter (local) application inside /apps/. Make sure to include the "IOS"-folder in the root of the SD-card.
  10. Insert SD-card, reload Homebrew Channel, and load "AnyRegion Changer1.1b fix by yeahren" (not local)
  11. Change the settings to the following:
    Language Setting: USA
    Console Area Setting: USA
    Game Region Setting: USA
    Country Code: 49 (USA)
    System Menu Region: USA
    Now select "Save Settings" and then "Exit to Homebrew Channel"
  12. Don't exit Homebrew Channel or shutdown the Wii, it's in semi-bricked mode now (will stop at the Warning screen). If for some reason the Wii is rebooted or shutdown, create an autoboot disc by patching the Zelda-image using Wii BootMe, load the Twilight hack and select exit to load Homebrew Channel. Additonally the SaveMii Gamecube savegame adapter can put the Wii into diagnostics mode if the Warning screen does not come up.
  13. Now, load "AnyRegion_Changer1.1" (the one with the picture in HBC), select "Install System Menu 3.2", and select "Yes". PachiMii will start to install the new IOS from the memory card. It will take some time (~5 minutes).
  14. I couldn't get the System Menu to load after this step and tried the SoftMii 3.0 package to downgrade. I went through the guide but can't say exactly which part of the process made the system boot but I think it's the newer AnyRegion Changer version.
  15. Put the latest "AnyRegionChanger1.1bM5" application on the SD-card in /apps/ and load it. Select "Install System Menu 3.2", select Yes on the "Korean Dics Support" and No on the "Install System Menu hacks" prompt. Worked for me, but if it didn't try to follow the SoftMii guide and install DVDx_fw3.4_comex, shared2clean, cIOS Installer rev 13b, cIOSCORP, Preloader (use reset button to load after power on), IOS-Downgrader, IOS60-61 Shop Mii Installer , Custom Wad Manager with CIOS60BF.wad, cios_fix.wad, IOS16.wad, then at last AnyRegion Changer 1.1b M5.
  16. Now boots into System Menu 3.2U!