Sony Ericsson P1i

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P1i is the new smartphone from Sony Ericsson, filling the gap between the older P990i and M600. Released to the market in the end of July 2007. I got mine 2nd August.


  • Two-three letter tac-tile keyboard feels comfortable to use
  • Smaller and lighter, slicker line
  • New Symbian 9.1 core system, UIQ3 GUI
  • Faster, more responsive
  • More available memory for open applications (128MB vs 64MB)
  • Flush backside, nothing sticking out
  • Package included free Wayfinder GPS unit, charger, and software activation key
  • Higher capacity battery by default (900 mAh vs 1120 mAh)
  • New hook for straps on the side
  • Better camera shortcuts, light, zoom, gallery, resolution, etc shortcut
  • M2 512 MB memory stick included
  • New messages finally has a 'Would you like to read this message'-prompt when new arrives
  • Like the status light on the bottom end of the phone to alert missed cals, new messages, etc.
  • Main menu customization


  • Jog-dial button still hard to push, built too deep into the side
  • Not that easy to go back using the touch screen for lefties
  • No easy way to lock the phone, lock slide-key gone
  • Crashes and reboots occasionally, I see firmware updates..
  • Camera lens less protected, no physical lens protector

Launch software versions

  • PDA software version: CXC162108 R6D23
  • Phone software version: CXC162037 R9G007
  • Bluetooth software version: CXC162143 R1C
  • CDA version: CDA162024/92 R3A


After using the phone for half a day, I'm very satisfied with the phone. I think I will keep this one for quite some time. All the minor quirks and kinks are gone, and the phone is as slick as you want it to bee. Still no EDGE, but who cares, Wifi WTF.