Reflow soldering

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It is fine and practical to use a solder iron to solder up one or two boards by hand, but when you have multiple boards of the same kind reflow soldering will greatly improve the speed and reduce the time used preparing them.


  • Solder paste - fine powder mixed with flux (to ease the flow of the solder)
  • Solder paste mask - to apply solder paste over the exposed pads on the PCB, normally steel or Kapton sheet
  • Spatula - spread the solder paste over the solder paste mask
  • Reflow oven - to heat the boards and solder to a set temperature profile - built-in controller or stand-alone
  • Temperature profile - heat the boards in stages to normalize temperature differences and minimize thermal shock to components
  • Reflow controller - control the rate of temperature change, rise and fall, after a set temperature profile
  • Solid-state relay - control the power to the reflow oven, on or off
  • Thermocouple - temperature sensor probe which is put inside the oven, onto the board
  • Isopropanol - alcohol to clean and remove the paste fron surfaces and your hands


  • Rocket Scream Reflow Oven Controller Shield - Arduino Compatible
  • Arduino Uno Microcontroller
  • Type K Thermocouple - Yellow, Red
  • Crydom D2410 solid state relay