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Line follower view.jpg

A line follower built for as part of an electronics course, ELE103 at UiA. Design and construction is done from scratch and uses only analog sensors to direct itself around course made of black tape.

Uses elements from analog sensing, digital logic, and driver circuits.


The project had the following outline:

  • An autonomous unit following a dark line on a bright background
  • Logic 1 (5V) when detector is over line, otherwise logic 0 (0V), CMOS technology
  • Motors controlled by driver circuit
  • Turn off when no line under detectors
  • Steering right/left accomplished in 3 phases; straight ahead, 5 degree, and 10 degree
  • Powered by a battery power-source


Below is the corresponding report and further details. It's in norwegian but it should be possible to translate it using some online service.


The video below shows how the line follower works.

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