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Important core applications for iPhone hacking. List of regular applications can be found here.

Mac / Windows Applications

  • iTunes 7.3.2 Mac / Windows - Older version jailbreaking and downgrading v1.1.1 firmware
  • iTunes Windows - Old version for Activation process
  • AppTapp (Installer.app) - Mac/Win jailbreak tool and iPhone application installer
  • iNdependence - Mac OS X tool for jailbreak, activation, ssh install, wallpaper, ringtones and application installation
  • iBrickr - Windows tool to jailbreak, install applications, ringtones, and upload files
  • iPHUC - iPhoneUtilityClient, Mac OS X command-line interface to the iPhone
  • iAsign - Activate the iPhone
  • iPhoneShop - Edit .artwork-files and keyboard archives (including Norwegian dictionary)
  • Norwegian Language Kit
  • Phone number customization
  • iPhoneDisk - Mount the iPhone in Mac OS X
  • iPhoneFS - Mounts the iPhone as a network drive in Windows
  • TouchFree - iPod Touch jailbreak tool to install SSH, Installer.app and Trip1Pogostick (springpatch). Works for iPhone v1.1.1 jailbreak.

iPhone Applications