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To play video files natively on the iPhone it has to be some kind of MPEG-4 (MP4) video format. Fortunately VLC (VideoLAN Client) can transcode almost any video to MPEG-4


  1. Download the VLC player
  2. Go to the streaming/exporting wizard in File, and Wizard
  3. Choose transcode/Save to file
  4. Choose your input stream
  5. Put the video codec on “MPEG-4 Video” and choose your bitrate (I recommend 512 or 1024)
  6. Put the audio codec on “MPEG-4 Audio” and choose your bitrate (I recommend 128 or 192)
  7. Put the encapsulation format on MP4
  8. Choose the name and location you want to save the file
  9. Click on finish and the transcode process will begin

Open iTunes and drag the .mp4-file into the library and set up the iPhone sync settings.