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The Taranis is the first hi-end R/C radio based on the OpenTX open source project. The transmitter is packed with features and ways to customize the raido.


Base contents:

  • 1x Aluminium case
  • 1x Taranis radio
  • 1x 6-cell 7.2V 800mAh NiMH green battery pack
  • 1x Neck strap


  • 1x FrySky X8R 2.4GHz receiver
  • 1x Charger with DC plug, 110V or 220V

Configuration tool

One of the nice features of this radio is that all configuration can be done off-radio, which means that you can use a computer to perform the setup - no more fiddling around with a small screen and buttons.


There is a set of great video tutorials by Scott Page detailing the setup of the taranis, take a look at his Youtube channel.


The stock NiMh battery is rather cheap and low capacity - 7.2V 800mAh. Replacing it extends the use time in the field. Change the radio battery alarm in the "Radio Setup" menu. The battery connector on the Taranis is a 2S JST-XH - on a 3S battery solder in a 2S connector from an extension cable to make hooking up the battery easy. Note that 72MHz and UHF transmitters normally works best at 12V (more RF output power), requiring a step-up converter or a dedicated 3S LiPo (not LiFe) external battery pack.

Always charge LiFe and LiPo TX packs externally - not though the plug on the radio.

  • HobbyKing 1500mAH LiFe 3S 9.9v Transmitter pack - safe and low discharge battery
  • Zippy Flightmax 1800mAh 9.9V 5C LiFePo4 TX Pack - safe

Additonal 2S connector for pluggin into the Taranis:

  • JST-XH 2S Wire Extension 20cm - cut one end and solder to battery

Fix audio buzz

On Rev. A radios, when using JR-module on the back, especially high powered ones, there is a noticable buzzing sound coming from the speaker. It is caused by RFI noise inductively coupled into the wires inside the radio. By opening it and adding to clip-on toroid eliminates the problem or add a decoupler capacitor.