Cylindrical Nonagon Dice

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Dice nonagon.png

For a statistic lecture I made a cylindrical nonagon dice, it has 9 sides excluding the two sides on each end of the cylinder.


Wood piece

I used a short wood piece as a base for the dice. Aligning a print-out of the nonagon shape helped outline the shape.

Dice wood piece outline.jpg

Chipping away

Chipping small pieces away at a time eventually formed something that looked like a dice.

Dice wood piece chipped away.jpg Dice wood piece chipped away closeup.jpg

Using a rotary band sanding machine helped define the edges and smoothen the sides.


The dice should be white with black digits. I found a suitable hobby paint bottle. Using a aquarell-paintbrush helped distribute the paint over the surface. I applied 3 coats, sanding down the surface on the first two coats.

Dice painted.jpg


My father and a ring binder with all kinds of fonts in LetraSet form. It's essentially pre-printed fonts on a plastic sheet and can be applied to any flat surface using a round-pointy-tool, like a pencel.

Dice letraset binder.jpg Dice letraset sheets.jpg

Applying and aligning the digits took some practice and time, but I think it turned out pretty well.

Dice letraset digits applied.jpg Dice letraset digits applied vertical.jpg


To finish and protect the digits from being damaged, I applied a coat of varnish. The surface turned out gloosy and smooth.

Dice finish glossy.jpg Dice finish glossy closeup.jpg