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Sometimes it's handy to boot DOS from a CD-R/DVD-R to e.g. flash a motherboard BIOS or run Ghost, instead of a USB flash drive because optical media has better backward compatibility than USB.

DOS boot image

  1. Download MS Windows XP System setup disk from
  2. Install Winrar and right-click on the wxpboot.exe executable and choose 'Extract to wxpboot'
  3. An error will show reporting the file is corrupt, ignore this message, all is well

Create boot image

  1. Download and install UltraISO to create the boot image
  2. Use the trail mode, select 'Load boot file' from the 'Bootable' menu
  3. Select the IMA file extracted above and the 'Image' type should change to 'Bootable CD/DVD'
  4. Now, add all the necessary files needed to the right file browser in UltraISO
  5. Now either burn the image using 'Burn CD/DVD image' under 'Tools', or select 'Save as' to save the image as an ISO file for later

Boot disc

  1. Before the PC will boot the disc, enter the BIOS by pressing DEL or F1 right after the computer is powered on
  2. Find the 'Boot priority' menu and make sure CD-ROM has a higher priority than Hard drive
  3. Insert the disc and wait for it to ask you to note the CD/DVD-ROM drive letter, normally r:
  4. Cd to r: and dir to see all the files included in the disc