Bike Sharing in Cologne

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A quick overview of the different bike sharing programs in Cologne, Germany, as of September 2018.


Mobike KVB-Rad Donkey Bike FordPass Bike
Bikes Bike sharing cologne mobike.jpg
Bike sharing cologne mobikelite.jpg
Bike sharing cologne nextbike.jpg Bike sharing cologne donkey.jpg 180px
Available since July 2018 May 2015 April 2018 October 2017
Origin China, Beijing Germany, Leipzig Denmark, Copenhagen Berlin, Germany
Company Mobike Nextbike Donkey Republic DB Call-a-bike
Number of bikes 500 950 [1] 500 2000
Brake type Right-handlebar brake Back-crank
Right-handlebar brake
Handlebar brakes Handlebar brakes
Number of gears Single gear on Classic-bike
Three gears on Lite-bike
Three gears Three gears Three gears
Shifter type No gears on Classic-bike
Twist-gear on Lite-bike
Right twist gear-handle Right twist gear-handle Right twist gear-handle
Bell type Twist bell-handle Hammer-type bell Hammer-type bell Twist bell-handle
Wheel size 24-inch on Classic-bike
26-inch on Lite-bike
26-inch 26-inch 26-inch
Weight 24 kg Classic-bike
17 kg Lite-bike
- - -
Payment method App only, top-up wallet or plan (first 30min included)
Top-up via card or Klarna/Sofort bank transfer
App, web, terminal, hotline
PIN-code input on rear-rack
Top-up via card, Paypal or direct debit/bank transfer
App only, charged per rental or plan (12 hours included)
Payment via card only
App, phone
PIN-code input on handlebar
Locking method Rear on-frame wheel-lock automatic/manual Front wire-bolt wheel-lock Rear on-frame wheel-lock
Chain-lock bolt
Rear on-frame wheel-lock with manual unlock-button
Authentication method QR-code scan or enter bike number, automatic electronic unlock QR-code scan or enter bike number and PIN-code to manually unlock/pull bolt Pick/reserve and unlock via app, remove chain-lock and wheel-lock Enter bike number and PIN-code
Drop-off- area Bike sharing cologne boundary mobike.png Anywhere within boundary
Limited coverage, smallest of them all
Bike sharing cologne boundary nextbike.png Anywhere within boundary
Biggest coverage, covers Deutz
Bike sharing cologne boundary donkey.png Specific hubs within boundary, grace period
Good coverage, covers Deutz
Bike sharing cologne boundary fordpass.png Anywhere within boundary
Limited coverage
Bikes simultaneously/account 1 bike 2 bikes 4 bikes 2 bikes
Pause/break allowed No Yes Yes, also swap bike Yes
Pricing 0.79EUR/20min Classic-bike
1.00EUR/20min normal bike

7.90EUR 5.00EUR/30days - first 30min included

48.00EUR/365days for 30min included per ride
Notification when time has expired, some grace period to get to a hub

15.00EUR/month for 12hours of riding total
15.00EUR/12hours reduced
with 3.00EUR/year fee, reduced 12.00EUR/year for students, BahnCarten-holders, etc.
Allowed to rent two bikes at the same time

Comfort plans:
49.00EUR/year or 39.00EUR/year via FordPass app - first 30min included
9.00EUR/month - first 30min included

Day plans:
Discount/coupon code Sign-up via this link to get five free starter rides - MYCITYCOL promo code for 10% discount Sign-up via FordPass App for exclusive discount
Extra features Automatically unlocks
Large front-cargo basket 5kg
Scoring system for benefits/suspensions
Small front-cargo basket 5kg
Temporarily lock the bike
Automatically unlocks
Mobile holder-straps
Front-cargo rack
Receipt via email
Temporarily lock the bike
Rear passenger rack
Review score 8/10 7/10 9/10 -/10