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To use the excellent mirror service to host the thumbnails of pictures ([[Image:picture.jpg|400px]]), change the image source tag to include in the url. This change will affect all thumbs on a wikipage but not the large/full image. This is by choice.

  • v1.11.1: File: includes/Linker.php, line 581.
  • v1.16.0: File: includes/Linker.php, line 547.

Original line:

return str_replace("\n", ' ',$prefix.$s.$postfix);

New edit:

return str_replace("\n", ' ',$prefix.str_replace("<img alt=\"\" src=\"/wiki/","<img alt=\"\" 

Left menu boxes

To add new boxes the the left menu, each box has to be hard coded into the MonoBook.php skin file.

  • v1.11.1: File: skins/MonoBook.php, line 164 to add a box under the navigation:
  • v1.16.0: File: skins/MonoBook.php, line 217 to add a box under the navigation:

Search box portion:

<?php } ?>
<div id="p-search" class="portlet">

New box put in-between the lines above:

 <div class="portlet">
  <h5>site support</h5>
  <div class="pBody">
   new box content

It seems many don't mess around and want to change the default wikilogo.

It's quite easy, just create a new image with the dimentions 135x135 pixels with transparent background in Photoshop, export as PNG.

Put the file in wiki/skins/common/images/ivc_wiki.png. And link the image in LocalSettings.php:

$wgLogo = "$wgStylePath/common/images/ivc_wiki.png";