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This is a guide to set up a Postfix and Cyrus mailsystem on Linux using MySQL authentication.


SASL auth

Central user authentication. SASL is the abbreviation for Simple Authentication and Security Layer. Developed by the group behind Cyrus.

Used for:

  • Cyrus IMAP server - Incoming IMAPS users on secure port 993
  • Postfix - Users sending mail through secure TLS line on port 25


Install the required tables to store the virtual e-mail addresses and account information.


Postfix SMTP

Send and receive e-mail through Postfix. Sends incoming e-mail off to Cyrus.

Sieve filter

Control and filter messages on the server instead on the client.


Mark spam to be moved to junk directory.


Cyrus IMAP

Retrieve e-mails from the server.

Squirrel webmail

Access the account through a web interface.