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  • Prism Quantum
  • Revolution Supersonic
  • Revolution Shockwave
  • Revolution Power Blast 2-4
  • Revolution 1.5 SLE


  • Mylar
  • Ripstop Nylon


  • Carbon
  • Fiberglass


  • Winder - To gather and store the line
  • Leading Edges - Outer-top rod holding the sail straight
  • Leading Edge Fittings - Connecting piece on the leading edge for the upper and lower spreader rods
  • Trailing edge - Back-end of the sail, behind the lower spreader
  • Spreaders - Rods connecting via the leading edge fittings and holding the wings erect and seperated. Lower spreader is held perpendicular to the spine via a T connector
  • Spine - Vertical rod in the center of the sail
  • Stand-offs - Flexible rods holding the trailing edge away from the lower spreader
  • Sail Clips - Connecting pieces on the wings for the stand-off rods
  • Wing-tip Knock - Notch on the end of the leading edge rods to hold back and tension the sail
  • Bridle - Towing crosspoint connecting the main line via short legs to the kite
  • Towing / tow point - End of the bridle where the mail line is connected
  • Diamond kite - Classic one-line kite, formed like a diamond