BlueSolar 100-15 True MPPT solar charge controller

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BlueSolar 100-15 charge controller overview.jpg

The BlueSolar series of charge controllers are some of the latest and most efficient MPPT controllers available. The BlueSolar 100-15 controller is based on a Freescale MC9S08AC32 40MHz MCU, can handle up to 100V 15A PV installation, hence then model name. This allows up to 400W of PV on a 24V battery setup, which is pretty much for such a relatively small controller.

Also known as the nice clone, Fangpusun BlueSolar 100-15

Victron VE Direct DIY Cable


  • Type: MPPT charge controller with load output
  • Micocontroller: Freescale MC9S08AC32 40Mhz MCU
  • Switches: MOSFET N-channel 100V/180A/5mOhm, 40V/190A/2.5mOhm for load output
  • Max. PV voltage: 100V
  • Max. PV current: 15A
  • Max. load current: 15A
  • Battery voltage: 12V or 24V, auto-detect
  • Battery fuse: 20A blade fuse
  • Protection:
    • Over-voltage (PV, battery)
    • Over-temperature (buck converter)
    • Low-battery voltage cut-off
    • "BatteryLife" intelligent battery management
  • Terminals: screw terminals, max. 6mm2/10AWG
  • Monitoring: Two LEDs, remote VE Direct RS232 communication cable to a computer or meter device
  • Features: Day/night timing and light dimming option via RS232 port
  • Auxilary port: JST-PH 4-pin 2mm pitch connector, pinout GND-RX-TX-5V, 19200 baud rate
  • Firmware: Upgradable via VE Direct RS232 cable and VE Connect software
  • Stock firmware: v1.16
  • Manufacture date: 2016, week 15
  • Size: 113.9 x 100.7 x 46.9 mm

Board layout

BlueSolar 100-15 charge controller pcb top.jpg BlueSolar 100-15 charge controller pcb bottom.jpg


The following is a partial reverse-engineer of the power stage of the charge controller, no logic or support circuitry is included.

BlueSolar 100-15 charge controller schematic partial.png


VEDirect monitoring desk.png
VEDirect monitoring device.png

The RS232 port on the controller, when connected, outputs a continuous stream of the current status and state of the system.

Status values provided:

  • Panel voltage, mV - measured direct after the screw terminal
  • Panel power, W - product of Battery current x Panel voltage, there is no dedicated panel current
  • Battery voltage, mV - measured on directly after the screw terminal, before the fuse
  • Battery current, mA - sense resistor, delta pv and load current, panel is directly connected to battery and load output
  • Load output state, ON/OFF - output switch state
  • Load current, mA - sense resistor
  • Yield total, kWh - accumulated overall
  • Yield today, kWh - accumulated one day
  • Maximum power today, W - peak power output achieved
  • Yield yesterday, kWh
  • Maximum power yesterday, W

Changing the settings of the controller is also possible, done via special commands outlined in the white paper. They begin with a ":" and end with a new-line character.