Autonomous Drone

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Autonomous drone overview.jpg

A bachelors project to create an autonomous system for detection of service points on the ground and delivery of objects between depots. The project was centered around flying drone and all the necessary components was developed to produce a complete system.


The following specifications was put together by the group in the pre-project phase:

  • Develop a proof-of-concept of an autonomous process for moving objects between base stations
  • Incorporate tasks needed by the industry, surveillance and rescue operations
  • Base the system on a pre-built ready-to-go flying quadcopter drone
  • Include a service station for recharging the batteries on the drone
  • Build a platform for transportation of small objects, e.g. tools and measuring devices
  • Use sensors to detect and identify the object on the platform
  • Construct a down-scaled model for indoor demonstration
  • Develop a Java console for remote control and status
  • Use wireless communication channel for continuous data stream


To see the functionality of the drone line correction part of the system in action, view the video below.


The following report contains all the details of the system, implementation and code, unfortunately it's in Norwegian but the photos, diagrams and code do tell part of the story.