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== Report ==
== Report ==
*  Project report: [http://beta.ivancover.com//electronics/ele103_effektforsterker_for_lyd.pdf Effektforsterker for lyd] (Norwegian)
*  Project report: [http://beta.ivancover.com//electronics/ele103_effektforsterker_for_lyd.pdf Effektforsterker for lyd] - In norwegian, pdf

== Circuit ==
== Circuit ==

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This was a electronics course project, building an audio amplifier based around the LM1875 op-amp.



The circuit was constructed after calculating the amplification, upper and lower frequency band, according to the specifications.

Audio amplifier circuit.png


This shows the final circuit, mounted to a flexi-glass plate to balance the enormous heatsink and protect the bottom traces.

Audio amplifier side.jpg

Audio amplifier overview.jpg Audio amplifier bottom.jpg


Measuring the input and output signal using a oscilloscope will verify if the circuit is designed correctly, which it turned out to be.

Here the amplifications is about 25 (9.8V/0.4V).

Audio amplifier oscilloscope.png