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Litecoin is an alternate virtual cryptographically secure currency. As the Bitcoin community was swamped by ASIC companies and deep-pockets the difficulty skyrocketed, the enthusiast moved their GPU mining efforts to the more fair and memory intensive coin mining currencies.


  • GPUs:
    • GPU1: Sapphire 11197-12-40G Radeon 7970 3GB Vapor-X - 2048 Stream units - Core 1050 MHz, Memory 1500 MHz - Overclock core 1100 MHz, memory 1500 MHz - 760kh/s
    • GPU2: Gigabyte GV-R587OC-1GD Radeon 5870 1GB - 1600 Stream units- Core 850 MHz, Memory 1200 MHz - Overclock core 990 MHz, memory 1200 MHz - 240kh/s
    • GPU3: Sapphire 11197-11-40G Radeon 7970 3GB Dual-X - 2048 Stream units - Core 925 MHz, Memory 1375 MHz - Overclock core 1100 MHz, memory 1500 MHz - 760kh/s
    • Accessories: Sintech 1x to 16x vertical riser extender cards [1]
  • CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 945 3.0GHz - Scythe Ninja 2 copper cooler
  • MB: Gigabyte MA785GT-UD3H (AM3 socket)
  • RAM: 2x DDR3 4GB, 8GB total
  • PSU: Corsair CMPSU-1200AX 1200W power supply - properly engineered, great efficiency, can handle 4x 5970 cards (204W/ea)
  • BOOT: Sandisk 8GB USB drive

Hardware guides:

Stores pre-built:



  • cgminer - archive - efficient, cross platform, stable, but from v3.8.0 GPU and CPU support is dropped
  • btfminer - fork of cgminer


Recommended driver combinations for optimal performance:

  • Radeon 6000 series - use AMD DRIVER v12.8 / AMD APP SDK v2.7
  • Radeon 7000 series - use AMD DRIVER v13.11b / AMD APP SDK v2.9

Get the drivers here:





Pick a pool in the middle-rank to make sure to support the balance pool power and get a decent chance of solving a block and earn shares

Tips and tricks

  • Litecoin mining is GPU and RAM dependent, scale accordingly
  • Always adjust then intensity parameter to get the most out of the hardware, watch the hardware error count and step back a unit
  • To mine Litecoin, make sure to have at least 4GB of system memory else hash rate will suffer and hardware errors with increase
  • Check the GPU and README file for the cgminer, lots of good tweaking advice
  • Separate the GPU cards at least 5cm to achieve decent airflow
  • Use powered PCI-E riser extender card to improve cooling and avoiding stressing the motherboard connectors - like these
  • The core clock should be 1/3 below the memory clock for best performance - see cgminer GPU readme
  • To activate any graphics cards without monitors plugged in, use or make a null adapter