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UiA Logon

Iphone app uialogon.png

  • UiA Logon
  • Shell script
  • Requires Cydia packages: wget, openssh (it includes the necessary unix binary dependancies)
  • Download deb

Script for logging-on to the university wireless networking. The UiA web-access authorization requires SSL2 which the Safari browser does not support. This sends a web request with the provided username and password via wget to the log-on server, working around the Safari limitation. Once logged-on, Safari can be used as normal.


Iphone app interloop.png

  • InterLoop
  • Shell script
  • Requires iPhone v1.x.x
  • Download

Small script to randomly select a song from the iPod library and play it for a certain period of length. Great for exercise/gym programs. Made it for a friend (Dan Thomas).


Iphone app lookup.png

  • LookUp Daemon
  • Requires iPhone v1.x.x
  • Download

Script to look-up the phone number of the last incoming call to find the name. The number is sent via a web request to a online directory and the response is parsed and displayed to the user. Options to add it to a new contact.


Iphone app bind.png

  • Bind Wrapper
  • Requires iPhone v1.x.x
  • Download

A wrapper to start the Bind name server daemon. Used when the iPhone is used as a tunnel/socks server, aka. tethered modem, from a computer via wifi.

Viberglass Theme

  • Theme for Summerboard
  • Based on Fiberglass
  • Requires iPhone v1.x.x
  • Download

A Summerboard theme with minimalistic, grey, carbon, pattern style. Tweaked a little, replaced wallpaper with a more suitable one. Includes icons for the popular applications.